Brent + Jennica

Katelyn James Photography 

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From the Bride…

How did you all meet?

It’s embarrassing to say and I always gave my friends a hard time about meeting guys at the bar—but Brent and I met at a mutual friend’s surprise birthday party. We started out as just friends and would run into each other at mutual friends’ events. We finally went on a date about 6 months after we met, and the rest is history. All of our friends collectively coined the term “Brennica” because after our first date we were inseparable (as mentioned in the best man speech by Levi).

What inspired you the most when designing your wedding day?

Personal touches relating to Brent and me as couple, the experience, and an organic/natural vibe. One of the first things that inspired us for designing the wedding was a pair of champagne glasses that our friend gifted us right after we got engaged that said “Blessed” along the side of them. We had no idea what style or design we wanted, but we did know we wanted to incorporate everything special about our relationship, our family, and our friends into the wedding day. I am super terrible with “Pinterest-ing” and had maybe 30 pins on a wedding board I made. I prayed and prayed that everything I had picked out would come together and match! I let the bridesmaids pick out their own dresses so that they could feel just as beautiful and comfortable as the bride on the wedding day—they deserve to feel special too!

Every single detail had a special meaning. The mismatched bracelets I wore represented all of the important women in my life—a sideways cross for my momma, Brent’s mom’s hand signature as she is no longer with us, a circle with an initial on it to represent the lifelong friendships I have with my bridesmaids (I even got the sideways cross and circle pendant bracelets for my mom and bridesmaids so that we could all share something special). The other bracelet cuff I wore was a piece my grandmother wore to her high school prom in the 1940s. I even did a gold wedding band since my mom and Brent’s mom have gold wedding bands. I was told it would clash with my platinum band, but I didn’t care because the meaning behind it was more important—and I think it looks perfect! Brent and I are foodies—so having an amazing variety of food was a must for the wedding day. When we first met with the caterer, we had 2 requests: enough food so that no one left hungry and a nacho bar. Main Event Caterers blew us away with the presentation of everything and our private tasting left our bellies full before we even got to the main course.

Brent and I are TERRIBLE at taking pictures together. We have maybe taken 15 pictures together over the past 3 years. However, one tradition we have is taking pictures in photo booths because they are so candid and we don’t have to ask people to take pictures of us. In place of a guest book, we thought it would be a fun idea to have people take pictures right there and post it on two large canvases that we plan on hanging in our house. We wanted to do something a little more creative that a regular photo booth, and thought this was a perfect idea to incorporate “instant pictures” into our wedding day—guests LOVED it! We knew we wanted Amanda as our florist from the beginning because she makes her floral design look so natural—if that makes sense. What inspired us and her with floral design was making everything look so “mismatched” and organic as if she picked flowers from a secret garden and put them in floral bouquets for us. I told her I had no “flower preference” so that allowed her to put more variety into the florals. I contacted Katelyn the day we got engaged because I HAD to have her as our photographer. She inspired us not only because her pictures are GORGEOUS, but the EXPERIENCE she gives the bride and groom is priceless. What made you decide to have your wedding at Shadow Creek? We decided to have our wedding at Shadow Creek for two reasons: the venue is flawless and Jenna and Lori are amazing people. It’s one thing to own a great business but having owners who make you feel good about yourself takes that business to a whole other level. From the first time we met Lori, we knew that THIS was the venue. We wanted to have a venue appreciate our personality and welcome us with open arms and Shadow Creek did just that for us. We felt like family!

What was your favorite part of the day?

GAAAAH! The whole day was my favorite. I am sitting here thinking (part of the reason I haven’t returned this form yet to you guys haha). If I had to choose just ONE favorite part…hmmm I really cannot. All aspects of the day were amazing from arriving to the venue, time with the girls in the bridal suite, the first look, the ceremony, amazing food, reception—it was really ALL my favorite. If I had to choose the most meaningful part of the day—I have 2 favorites. The first being when my mom gifted me her original engagement ring from my dad. Both of our parents provided us with a great foundation of what marriage encompasses. The gift was so meaningful because it was given to her 47 years ago from my dad. It really was to most precious surprise! The second moment being the reading from the bible during our ceremony (Romans Ch 12 Verse 1-2 and 9-17). Pastor John had texted me the bible verse at the beginning of the week and said that it fit Brent and me perfectly. Brent and I would give a stranger the shirts off our backs. Even when it comes to Brent owning a business, sometimes he gets a little burned out—what business owner doesn’t!? However, this verse reminds us as we read it first thing in the morning to embrace every moment He gives us and to be servants for what He has called both of us to do.

What advice do you have for other couples getting married?

The best advice I can give other couples getting married-be yourselves in the planning process and share your special day with those that know you as a couple. Sometimes in the planning process, you compare yourself to past weddings, other brides, or even other parties you have attended. My best advice is to be sure to incorporate your personality into the day. And if you have guests that know you all best-they will appreciate this too! The wedding day is totally about the bride and groom, but you want to be sure to make your guests feel comfortable and special


Vendor credits who helped make your day wonderful:

Photographer: Katelyn James Photography

Florals: Amanda Veronee

Catering and Cake: Main Event Caterers

Planner: Ashlee Virginia Events

DJ: Brian Sadiarin

Dress: BHLDN

Invitations: Jess Creates

Transportation: Formal Express…and of course you all !!!!

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