Day-of Wedding Coordination

Photo: Sam Stroud Photography

Why do you require day-of wedding coordination?

Shadow Creek will turn five this fall and it’s truly hard to believe that we are no longer a “new venue” but have hosted well over 500 events since opening our doors. When we decided to build the barn, we wanted to establish some details from the beginning that would help to ensure the smoothest event possible for our brides and grooms, which includes requiring a day-of coordinator.

First we want to clarify what the role of a day-of coordinator is. If you are planning your wedding yourself, or have not budgeted for a full-planner to design and execute your event, a day-of coordinator can step in to help you finalize the details of your day and be there to execute your vision. Many day-of coordinators will assist you the month-of with loose ends, but the services provided by these professionals will vary so it’s important to speak with them directly. A day-of coordinator is not providing full planning services, but is contracted primarily just for the day and to ensure it goes smoothly. 

We are often asked why a day-of coordinator is required for our weddings and we are more than happy to provide some details related to this requirement. 

  1. Wedding days involve a lot of logistics and even a small “simple” wedding is likely to require some degree of coordination to make the day flow smoothly. Shadow Creek is a blank slate when it comes to the event space, and truly benefits from someone at the helm making sure the floor plan details are all taken care of at a minimum. 
  2. As a venue, our Shadow Creek team is there to make sure the property is in good shape for the day (heat or AC working, grounds manicured, transporting Gus, etc) which takes our attention from the ability to manage the event details such as floral arrangements coming in and ceremony design. Hiring a day-of coordinator ensures your vision is brought to life while we focus on making sure the property is in perfect working order for your event. 
  3. Wedding days can involve some stressful situations that are often mitigated when a professional day-of coordinator (or full planner) is involved. If the DJ is running late, the coordinator can help with a backup plan. If it pours rain, a coordinator will help move the event design inside. Forget your rings at the hotel? A coordinator can help save the day. 

Hiring a day-of coordinator or a full planner becomes an invaluable resource when it comes to making your day flow perfectly. We work with so many fantastic professionals and are happy to make a recommendation though our preferred vendor list. Happy planning!

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