How to choose a wedding photographer

Photo: Voyage Photography

As we head into our official 2019 wedding season, we recognize that many couples are starting the planning process for fall and 2020 weddings and are beginning research on how to choose a wedding photographer. If your budget allows for a professional wedding photographer, we highly recommend booking one, and booking them early in the planning process, as many book a year in advance. Your wedding photographer is there to capture some of your most important lifelong memories, and long after your wedding day, your investment in photos will remain for generations to come.

If you are in the process of selecting a photographer, we have highlighted some helpful tips below:

The Need for a Wedding Photographer

The first thing to think about is whether or not you should hire a professional photographer for your wedding. Photographers are an investment for your day and something that will need to be accommodated in a budget. The good news is that there is a photographer for every budget. For those who prefer to save money, a friend or family member can be a great option, just make sure you have seen some of their images prior to committing so that you are not ultimately disappointed.

Find a photographer you love but he or she is out of your budget? Ask if they have any associates or people they recommend who might be within your price point. Many of the top photographers in the DC Region, and Loudoun County have photographers who second shoot with them, and who they have trained, who might be available for your event. Depending on the time of year that you are planning your wedding, photographers often have lower price points for less popular months and for non-weekend weddings.

The Photographer’s Style

Another important consideration when selecting a photographer is their style and aesthetic. Photographers are artists, each with their own unique style. Some photographers work with a more journalistic technique, capturing moments that are more spontaneous and candid. Others are traditional with posed photos, and many photographers are a mix of both. Some photographers utilize more natural lighting, while others will add in additional editing treatments. Another big consideration is the medium you prefer, as film photography and digital photography are both currently popular. Take a good look at the photographer’s portfolio to see if their style fits your wedding vision.

Cost and Connecting with a Photographer

The cost and personality of your photographer is important to consider as you make your decision. Connecting with your photographer and getting along, having things in common, or feeling like your photographer cares about documenting your day are important things to consider. You should feel comfortable and confident that the person you are paying to capture your day will do it successfully, and make you comfortable throughout the process.  As you begin contacting people whose work you like, determining a budget beforehand will also help make the process easier. Keep in mind that, while you do not want to overspend, the photos of your day will remain the primary form of documentation, so consider allowing a fair amount of your budget to go to this if photos are important to you.

We have had so many talented photographers come through our doors, and we are continually grateful to them for sharing their talents with us as well. Throughout our website, you will find many inspirational galleries filled to the brim with gorgeous pictures. We encourage you to click through and contact the photographers who are linked in the credits if you are drawn to their photography. Additionally, we feature wedding photos daily through our Instagram account and following along can help you find your perfect team of vendors if an image captures your attention. Happy planning!

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