Wedding reception at Shadow Creek in Loudoun County

Our Story

Photo: Hay Alexandra Photography

We realized this month that there has never been a blog post related to how Shadow Creek came to be a Virginia barn wedding venue. As with any vision and idea, there is a backstory, a history, and of course some key details that led to Shadow Creek becoming the venue that it is today.

It’s been such a joy to connect with so many people through Instagram and Facebook as we have been on this journey. These platforms have allowed us to really share a lot about Shadow Creek with each of our followers. We are so happy to see others enjoying Gus as much as we do and experience the farm sunsets and cow feedings alongside us. You have gotten to know our horses, and our family, and the cows, and now we want to share a bit more about the venue!

We did not always imagine having a wedding venue on the farm, but when Jenna was engaged, we found it was hard to find the perfect space we had in mind. We wanted a space that was: climate controlled; could accommodate a large number of guests; had a beautiful backup option for inclement weather; a farm rustic chic feel, with modern amenities; and allowed us to provide our own alcohol and pick our catering company. It just didn’t exist when we were searching, so one night, as a family, discussing other ways to utilize the farmland outside of cattle, we decided to build a wedding venue. Jenna was married before we broke ground on Shadow Creek, but we now host family weddings regularly and maybe someday (if we can convince her) she will do a vow renewal here. 😉

Shadow Creek sits on land we purchased five years ago, which connects to our farm we purchased 35 years ago! We do live on a working farm; we have a cow/calf operation, which includes around 200 head of Angus and Hereford cattle, as well as our cattle dog, Beau (who is much better at herding people) than his intended job of herding cattle! During the winter, the cows consume at least 35 round bales of hay per week, which we feed daily. This hay is harvested from the farm; talk about farm-to-fork!  We also have several quarter horses, including Gus, of course!

We knew before building that we wanted Shadow Creek to have a beautiful view of the Loudoun County countryside, a peaceful and romantic farm backdrop we could share with others since it brings us so much joy. It still feels so special to have a barn wedding venue on our property that will be here for generations to come; a place where our children, our grandchildren, and our great-grandchildren will have the opportunity to marry, and a place that will be a part of other families stories and pictures forever.

So how did we come up with the name? Believe it or not, it was quite simple to arrive at Shadow Creek. I was driving down the road one day, and it just came to me. That was it, we had a name the whole family agreed on.

We say it all the time, but running this venue feels like a dream. We are so thankful that God lead us in this direction, that he allows us to welcome so many through our doors. Meeting all of the families who have trusted us to host their once in a lifetime day has been, and probably will always be, my favorite part of this job.