Valentine’s Day

It only seems fitting that today, a day dedicated to love, and all things sweet, that we take a minute to share the behind the scenes people who also make Shadow Creek possible. We are talking about the men of Shadow Creek, the ones who said, “Sure, let’s build a wedding venue,” and have supported it every weekend since. Introducing: Bo, Cody, Will and Knox (and soon to join officially, Rob, who was out-of-town when we took this picture)

Running a wedding venue is a lot of fun and also a lot of work. There are repairs and updates we make to the property, last minute event challenges, that sometimes require chainsaws (yes this has happened) and we can’t forget when Gus has to be brought to Shadow Creek so he can participate in the festivities. Without our whole team, this venue wouldn’t be possible, so on this Valentine’s Day, we are saying “THANK YOU” to the men who love us and happily help us make sure every event runs smoothly.

Have a beautiful day friends!