Engagement Pictures

Couple: Beth and Bryan | Photo: Heather Chipps Photography

And Why We Love Them…

As a wedding venue, we have grown accustomed to seeing gorgeous galleries from our couples wedding days. We have been fortunate enough to have many talented photographers give 100% to ensuring these once in a lifetime events are documented in the most beautiful way, and we look forward to seeing the special details photographed that are a reflection of who the couple is individually and together.

The wedding day pictures tell the story of the wedding, one day in what is often years into the love story of the couple marrying. These pictures are often more formal, with the venue in the background, and we are there to see them taken in person. With engagement pictures, we get to learn a little bit more about a couple’s story, either based on where the photo is taken or a story that is included as a caption or blog post. Our couples have taken photos on the football field of their college, in their hometown where they met, with their favorite pet, on the mountains of Colorado, at their favorite DC location, in front of their new homes, or sometimes a favorite travel destination or on a beautiful beach. Each time we are tagged in an engagement picture, we look forward to learning just a little bit more about our couple’s love story.

On the Fence?

If you are not sure whether or not to have engagement pictures taken, we definitely encourage talking with your wedding photographer about ways you can make it fun and enjoyable. If your photographer can’t make it to your perfect destination, look for someone local who can do an engagement session with you. Engagement pictures are another wonderful way to document your love story for a lifetime, and that’s why we love them. Curious what some of our Shadow Creek Couples engagement pictures look like? Visit our Instagram @shadowcreekweddings for some beautiful inspiration!

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