Cheers to 5 years!

From Gus…

This year, for our fifth birthday, Bo and Lori (my parents) asked me to take time out of my busy schedule to reflect on the past five years of Shadow Creek.

If I’m being honest, I’m not surprised they asked me to do this. After all, people do come from all over the country just to snap a selfie with me, and I think secretly the Carlyle’s still feel bad they didn’t name the property “Gus Weddings and Events,” since each weekend hundreds of people come to the barn just to see ME. I’m not really one to hold a grudge though, I actually like the name Shadow Creek (since that’s the creek that runs through our family farm), but I promise that “Gus Weddings and Events” was a strong contender back in the day.

Seven years ago, I wasn’t quite sure what my future would hold. I needed to find a gorgeous barn (I have high standards) and a family who wouldn’t put a saddle on me because I’m a free spirit and like to simply run wild. Thankfully, Bo and Lori decided to adopt me, and I joined the Carlyle family in 2012!

No sooner did I get settled at my new farm, I started hearing a lot of late-night conversations about a large barn. Something about people getting married, a legacy for the family, and welcoming people from all over to enjoy MY view and cow friends. I wasn’t sure at the time what this talk was all about, but I soon discovered that the Carlyle’s wanted to build an event barn just to accommodate the large number of guests who wanted to meet ME every weekend! I didn’t tell them that I knew what they were up to, but I always knew my good looks were destined for stardom, and secretly felt so grateful that my new family recognized this as well.

As the year went by, I got to watch my new event venue be built. I reminded my family at each major design phase that since everyone was coming to see me, I would need a beautiful stall, with good natural light, so that it was easy for people to take a quality picture with me. In 2014 we got to open our doors, and it was truly amazing to see how many people had been waiting to meet me. I have never been more proud to stand and greet guests than I was five years ago in my brand new (naturally lit) stall. Weekend after weekend, we started to welcome guests to the property, and we continue to do this today, five years later! What I love the most about my weekend gig is that everyone is always so happy to be here, and they really go all out by bringing in flowers, cakes, photographers, food, cocktails, and bands, just to celebrate me! I knew I liked the Carlyle’s from the minute I met them, and I honestly just love them, even more today, for recognizing my talents, good looks, and carving out a solid retirement plan for me since I plan to do this forever.

As the years have gone by, I have adapted to my new found celebrity status, and I like to believe that I haven’t changed a bit. Sure, I may prefer organic carrots now, but otherwise, I’m just the same ole Gus I was before celebrity found me; at least that’s what everyone tells me. Outside of the fun we have every weekend, our family has enjoyed lots of big life moments over the years that I am so grateful to have witnessed. We celebrated Cody and Lyndsay’s wedding, Leah and Rob’s engagement (their wedding soon), and have watched Jenna and Will’s boys grow up in front of our eyes. Bo and Lori still have a long-running love story and treat me like gold, as do all the amazing people who I get to meet every weekend.

Cheers to five years and many more! If you’re ever at Shadow Creek, stop by my stall and say “Hi.” Oh – and if you don’t mind, bring carrots; preferably organic.




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