Spring + Summer Favorites

Opening Photo Credit: Katelyn James Photography 

Every weekend we have the pleasure of hosting between one and three weddings. Pinch us, how is this real life? We comment regularly on our blog about how Shadow Creek was once just a dream, through the grace of God and countless people believing in us, each day that we open the door and walk into the ballroom, we are reminded of what joy feels like, and the complete blessing each couple who selects Shadow Creek becomes to us.

It’s SO hard to believe that the spring and summer wedding season is coming to an end. For so many snowy Loudoun County months we anticipate the sun coming out. It seems appropriate on this first day of September that we highlight some of our favorite moments from this spring through summer season. This season has been packed with extraordinary events leaving us so inspired by the creativity, visions and unique touches each of our couples, and their vendors have created for their weddings. If we are being completely honest, it’s literally impossible for us to share every moment we loved because this season was filled to the brim with perfection.

If you were married here this year, during the spring or summer season, or had a favorite moment as a vendor and would like us to include it in this post, please send us an email with a professional picture included, and we would be thrilled to include you!

So here it is, a few pictures of some of our favorite spring and summer moments…

April 7th: We announced and launched a new website!

When Shadow Creek was first getting started we literally existed on just a pile of Loudoun County dirt, renderings and a vision. We needed a simple website that gave people an idea of what was to come and that’s what we designed the first time around. Fast forward to 2016 and after a full year of weddings under our belt, a completed property, and endless pictures from generous photographers who shared them with us, we were ready for a new look. We love the way our new website captures so many real weddings, shares news and updates with viewers, and presents a simple, classic and professional brand. This was a big, big highlight to kicking off the season and will continue to be a point of joy for us going forward.

Design Credit: Rachel Merkle of District M Creative – Dev Credit: Jessica Nana of Socially Savvy Studio.

shadow creek loudoun county wedding venue

We see a LOT of design ideas at our events, but one thing that we will always remember is Jess and Erick’s “Guest Map.” Instead of a traditional book, they asked their guests to sign a map. How awesome is that, and the picture by Jennifer Gulley Photography ?

shadow creek_2

A never forget moment was the installation of the clear tent for Lisa and Bryan’s ceremony site with Evoke DC with flowers by Holly Chapple. It was RAINING and RAINING and RAINING some more the week of their wedding, but that didn’t put a single damper on this event, or the beautiful image captured by Mary Beth Tyson Photography.

shadow creek loudoun county venue 1

And then there was the light from Kadhambari and Archith’s wedding. Simply stunning photo from A.S. Nagpal Photography


We will also never forget Maureen and Nick’s wedding captured by Nikki Santerre Photography. This wedding had so many sweet moments but Maureen’s father daughter dance was amazing.

shadow creek loudoun county father daughter dance

The lovely Katelyn James Photography  provided us with some stunning images from Jennica and Brent’s wedding. Not a single detail was forgotten on this day and when it rained the ceremony was held on the front portico and we loved it along with the stunning bridesmaids dress image with flowers by Amanda Veronee and planning by Ashlee Virginia Events. 

View More: http://katelynjames.pass.us/brent-and-jennica-weddingView More: http://katelynjames.pass.us/brent-and-jennica-wedding

Rain remained a very common theme through the spring and by the end of it, we had developed a love/hate relationship, because we knew it was stressful, but we LOVED images like Nick and Kellie’s. We still adore this picture of them in the rain by Ashley Relvas Photography. It doesn’t get any more romantic than that.

shadow creek loudoun county venue 8

Hay Alexandra always sends us lots of pretty images. This indoor ceremony shot will always be a favorite from Julia and Tyler’s wedding.

5shadow creek loudoun county venue 2

Shauna Ploeger of Photography Dujour takes the cake for incredible bridal shot from Katy and Chad’s wedding. This picture doesn’t need much explanation as to why it’s a favorite.

shadow creek loudoun county venue 3

This cake table from Antonyous and Christine’s captured by Jessie Smith Photography was a total favorite. The styling is perfect, the cakes by Two Sugars, simple and elegant.

View More: http://jessicasmithphotography.pass.us/antonyous-and-christine

Then there was the naked cake from Shugar Shugar Cupcakes with styling by Event Studio. The perfection of it was simply too good to be true.

shadow creek loudoun county venue

The indoor ceremony from Janelle and Chase’s wedding captured by Sam Stroud Photography  with design and decor by Elegant Momentz was breathtakingly beautiful.

shadow creek loudoun county venue 7

We fell hard for this stunning picture of Erika and Tyler by Rachel of Voyage Photography 

shadow creek loudoun county venue 5

We LOVED the aisle treatment for Jessica and Ryan’s wedding with signs by Leah Letters and flowers by Lynn Vale Studios, together with Christina Kozich of Blue Water Kitchen!

shadow creek loudoun county wedding venue ceremony

And we can’t forget the hilarious Insta video of Amanda Hedgepeth Photography capturing this sparkler exit from Katie and Billy’s wedding. Seriously though, this exit shot…. perfection.

shadow creek loudoun county venue


So there it is, our round-up of some favorite moments this season. Cheers to the fall and many more amazing events to come!


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We place great value on each vendor and client who comes through our doors. We do our best to credit, but if you contributed to one of the events above and would like to be included, please let us know and we would be happy to add you! 

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