Positive Thoughts

Top Photo Credit: K. Jugar Photography

Weddings during COVID-19

March 2020 officially joined the history books as a month of serious world change. We imagine most of 2020 will be documented in history as one of the most challenging times this country (and the world) has ever faced. It has certainly been an interesting and difficult past month for so many, and although we are all navigating the same stay-at-home orders and unprecedented changes, each of us is also navigating unique challenges in our daily lives in the wake of these unpredictable times. As a wedding venue, we can truly say that we haven’t seen anything quite like this in almost 6 years of having our doors open. We are navigating this season alongside all of our amazing colleagues, couples, friends, and family members, and figuring out what to say and how to advise in the way of wedding plans going forward.

The short answer for us is the same as it is for many right now: we simply don’t have all the answers, but we can offer some guidance and encouragement in hopes of spreading positivity during these days of worry. Here are some ways we are staying positive and we hope you will find them encouraging too:

1. Love is love and it can’t be taken away by a pandemic. It’s amazing to realize that despite the world shutting down, people are continuing their love stories. We are seeing small intimate weddings with less than 10 guests, stunning elopements, and virtual ceremonies. While we may have to stay apart during this season, we can certainly continue to celebrate love and that’s a beautiful thing!

2. Many of our vendors are offering unique solutions during this difficult time. Kim Newton as a friend and planner is offering a beautiful curated elopement package with Shadow Creek as a venue option. If you want to get married now, and celebrate your big wedding later, please make sure you check out her amazing offer! We’d love to host you and your very closest friends and family members if you’d like to make it official sooner than later. Gus is even available to attend if you’d like, and he would be honored!

3. As a venue our hearts continue to be with the many amazing couples who have navigated this season with grace, who have shown their vendors grace, and who continue to look forward to their wedding days knowing that when they do happen, whether with 10 guests or 110 guests, the day will be incredibly special. We continue to encourage everyone to surround themselves with positive messages, stay connected (virtually) with friends and family, and continue to dream about all the joy that is to come. This is a hard season but we are all truly in it together.

Continuing to pray for all of you. We know we will see everyone again soon!  If you’d like to contact us, please visit our contact page.